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Lexington Electric System:

  • Deposits are based on a twelve month history of residence.

  • New home deposit - $100.

  • Offices are located at 92 S. Main St. , Mon-Fri. 8-5pm

  • Phone:  968-3662

Lexington Gas System:

  • Deposit of $5/homeowner with a $15 inspection fee if service has Been off at residence over seven days.

  • Offices are located at 50 Monroe Ave. , Mon-Fri. 8-5pm .

  • Phone:  968-0521


Lexington Water Department:

  • Deposit of $30/homeowner.

  • Offices are in City Hall at 54 Monroe Ave. , Mon-Fri. 8-5pm .

  • Phone:  968-5213

  • Garbage pickup will auto-matically be added inside the City at $7/month.

Internet Service:

  • NetEase Internet Access Services - Click Here!

  • Offices are located in Parsons Tn Mon-Fri 8-4pm

  • Or Call 1-888-4-NetEase to sign up for new service

  • Or Visit them Online at


Cable Television:

  • Charter Communications.  

  • Offices are located at 145 East Church Street. Mon-Fri. 8-5pm.,

  • Or call 1-800-883-6786 for new service.


  • Bell South , No local office,

  • Call 1-557-6500 for new service.


  • Western Union

  • (Located in the E.W. James Supermarket on W. Church St .)

Driver’s License:

  • Located in the National Guard Armory Bldg. at 690 Airways St .,

  • Phone:  968-3771  (for specific days service is available)

Tennessee License Plate:

  • Clerk’s Office located in the Courthouse on Court square

  • Tennessee License Plate:  First line $44 for Henderson
    County.  Take out next line of separate charges.
  • Office hours:  Mon., Tues., Thur., Fri., 8-4:30pm ….Wed. & Sat.  8-12 noon.

  • Phone:  968-2856


Voter Registration:

  • 12 Natchez Trace Drive

  • Phone:  968-6832.


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